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    the director

        Certain artists aren't comfortable in a single creative space and can't be branded.

        Their work adapts itself everyday and feeds off the present to create the future.  They're nomads who carry their creative home on their backs and travel across territories in which comfort is irrelevant because they yearn to keep growing and investigating new sounds.

        We traveled with Jorge from his album "Huellas" until "Historias de Rhada y Krishna.”  During this time period Jorge won awards, but also suffered serious emotional setbacks.  We didn't talk about them –either of them– but simply accompanied Jorge through the stretch of time and space, the day to day, from one concert to another, from one hotel to another, from one city to another, from one album to another, from "Huellas" to "Historias de Rhada y Krishna."

        This same idea of making music along a changing path is the system we chose while shooting.  After our conversations with Jorge we chose different situations that illustrated his way of thinking about life, trying to make his thought structure the first narrative layer, sometimes realistic, sometimes more dreamy.  But time never stops, and the musician's life is a permanent voyage both physically and mentally in which Jorge has to adapt to very different situations.  He has to evolve constantly, as we did while shooting, stripping it of all devices.    

        During this permanent exodus we'll see Jorge performing alone, with small bands, with large bands and by himself.

        We might call this documentary is a "road movie," but just like Jorge is eclectic with his music, we choose to be eclectic with our clichés.

        I went to Jorge Pardo's home to show him barely three pages outlining the original idea I had for a short documentary about him.  We started talking about almost everything, except the documentary, music (the subject hardly came up, I was a little embarrassed talking to Jorge about music), travel, ordinary things, food, life, movies…  It was precisely when we talked about movies that we happened to coincide on a lot of things and he said, "Let's do something more fun" and we went to work.

        I don't know if the result is "fun," but the process certainly was.  This project was designed for two weeks of shooting and we ended up having "fun" for two years and two albums.

        It's in no way a temporal diary of what happened, but a series of situations that we think illustrate certain personal aspects of how Jorge faces a nomadic life.  It's also not trying to be an exhaustive investigation of his work, or of his life, or of his past.  It's a reflection of a specific, personal and creative moment that spans through the creation of two albums.  It's definitely an extension of that first conversation in which two people spoke in someone's living room.

        Now we've done it again, this time with one person in front of the camera and another behind it.  I hope you have enjoyed participating in the conversation.  Since we can't all fit in Jorge's living room, we made this documentary.

    about Exodus...

    Exodos Jorge Pardo poster
    Jorge Pardo is an essential figure of spanish music. He´s been playing flamenco and jazz since he was 14, he´s shared the stage and experiences with figures like Paco de Lucía, Camarón or Chick Corea… The Académie du jazz de France gave him the Best European Jazz Musician Award in 2013. He has received the National Music Award in 2015. And he keeps on playing and composing… On his own, with the classics, with young artists…

    We accompany him in a road movie for almost two years to discover the man behind the musician.  He´s already received important awards, Paco de Lucía has left us… but life goes on. And so does music. Memories, reality… and dreams of someone who is living history of our music. And, of course, we listen to him playing. The life of a master of flamenco and jazz.

    spanish original version

    english subtitled version

    74 min. Color. HD

    52 min TV version

    “I try to bring to the stage what I am and what I do in my life. But it's true that you have to amplify it, it's an exercise in which you have to believe in. This is what I'm going to do. This is what I'm going to give and this is what I have.”

    “It's difficult to manage in your head getting pats on the back, receiving applause, women going crazy over you… It's hard to manage those feelings which are also very human.”

    “Sometimes you think what you're doing is total crap, sometimes you think it's genius, one second later. It's too much for any mind.”

    “I haven´t felt – with people I´ve been around– discrimination towards me, that´s who I can talk about. I don´t know towards others. I´m “payo”, so it can be said that towards “payos””


    Ancla Jorge

    Imagine that you don´t spend more than three or four days in the same place. Then everything would be different. That´s what happens to Jorge Pardo: he plays all the time.  Alone, with the young ones, with old masters... We talk about creation, friendship, fame, loneliness...  the nomad live of a master of flamenco and jazz.

    Jorge Pardo awards

    National  Actual Musics Award.


    Best European Jazz Musician.

    Acadèmie du jazz.


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